Facebook Automatic Poster will be moved to automaticposter.com from 1st September

We post for you on Facebook while you're dreaming
Facebook Automatic Poster is a helpful tool to promote your compaigns. You can post to multiple groups at once and schedule posts for future. What's more, the basic version is free to use. As a basic user, you can:
  1. Post to 50 groups at a time.
  2. Make upto 10 posts a day.
  3. Create upto 3 active schedules for future posts.

Getting started

Facebook Automatic Poster is very easy to use. Please follow the following steps to get started.
  1. Go to the login tab and Login with Facebook.
  2. Authorize all the permissions (this is very important).
  3. Select the groups you want to post to and hit continue.
  4. Enter your message and optionally an image URL if you want to post an image as well.
  5. Click "Post Now" if you want to post immediately. On The confirmation dialog, click Yes.
  6. If you want to schedule posts for future (upto 1 month), click on "Set Schedule". Choose your date and time. We currently do not support local timezones. You need to create a schedule as per server time (Los Angeles).
  7. If you often post to the same groups, you can save these groups as a collection, so that you don't need to select the groups again in future. For this, select your desired groups, and click "Save Groups". Enter a name for the collection and hit "Save". Next time, when you use the app, choose your collection from the dropdown menu. You can save as many collections as you want.