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Gmail Mail Reader

Gmail Mail Reader is a simple mail client for Gmail that fetches your mails over a secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection. From there on you can reply to these mails or forward them to another email address.

Furthermore, Gmail Mail Reader allows you to Compose mails to any email address(For using this software, you must have a Gmail account; however, you can send mails to any email address). One smart benefit of using this software is that you can send your mails multiple times to the same email address; however max limit is 10 for security reason. (Note than your Gmail account may be temporarily blocked, if you send too many mails per day. More info here

Gmail Mail Reader is also hosted at Softpedia. Additionally, its also available at

Gmail mail reader at

Operating System: Windows
Requirements: .Net Framework 4.0
Version: 1.01
Price: Free
Added on: 26th December 2012

Gmail Mail Reader

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