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So you have learnt some basic programming skills and are looking out for some simple projects/algorithms to sharpen your programming skills? Congratulations! you have come to the right place. Please note that the projects provided here are for new to medium level programmers. If you are a seasoned programmer/developer, you might not find the projects particulary useful, but they can be used as a reference.

You will also find several interesting projects in this section. Most of the projects are in famous languages like C, C++. Some projects are in .NET languages, i.e: Visual Basic and C#. In addition, some good web projects are also listed.

The projects listed here are of different complexitiy: some of them are very simple and straight forward, while others are a little advanced. Therefore ,with each project we mention its difficulty level. However, in all cases, user notes are provided that would help you understand the idea.

Although the underlying logic of each and every project is explained, basic familiarity with the specified language is required. Please note that this is NOT a site to learn the syntax and how-to of a programming language. If you want to learn a programming language, check out the Resources under this section; and after grabbing the basics, come back to us. We would welcome you any time!

Got bored after reading all that stuff above? Then check out our programming projects list in the left menu and get started. And last but not the least, visit us frequently because we are constanly adding new projects in our list. So come and visit here often.

If you would like to share your feedback/comments, you can either Contact us or leave your comments under the respective projects.